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الشرق السوري | Exclusive for asharq asouri: the latest developments including the Al-Shadadi & Al-Tanf bases and the Syrian Badia الشرق السوري

Exclusive for asharq asouri: the latest developments including the Al-Shadadi & Al-Tanf bases and the Syrian Badia


On the latest developments in the Syrian Desert field and what is rumored about the movement of Jaish Maghawier alThawra (revolutionary commandos army)to the north and establishing a base in the Shaddadi area

Interview with Abu Jarrah “Director of the Media Office of Jaish Maghawier alThawra with

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And the Syrian Middle East Media Agency

“Firstly, as for the progress of the regime, it is advancing in East of Palmyra and at the expense of the Islamic State organization, not at our expense, and everyone knows that “ISIS” delivered many areas to the regime easily while its resistance is fierce against the Free Syrian Army.

… The regime is moving towards Deir EzZor using a media policy depends on the propaganda of his so called progress to show itself as a fighter of terrorism and thus is accepted by other countries ….

… We dispatched  two battalions to support “Eastern Loins Army” and “Ahmad al-‘Abdu Forces. At their arrival,  the two battlions found that it was different from what the  regime media pictured. The FSA factions are not trapped and their status is good and above that they inflict heavy losses on the enemy.

… until now, we have not reached an agreement with the Americans on the  Alshadadi base since no final agreement on all points and negotiations are still ongoing with them …

Al-Shadadi base, if approved on, is not a substitute for the Al-Tanf base, which we will not leave nor leave the areas we control in the “Badia” (the Desert), but rather a gathering of fighters joining the commandos from the north, all under the revolutionary commandos army.

… Al-Tanf is the mother base and the military headquarters; the rest of the bases are its advanced points in the north and south ….

… neither coalition or the Americans are exercising a pressure on the transition to the North and all that has been circulated is  false rumors, leaving our regions is a sort of madness ….

We have our own independence and we have an independent military command and we will not fight under the leadership of any other faction. As for talking about fighting under the banner of “Syrian Democratic Forces”, we deny and reject it altogether and we can only fight under the command of the Revolutionary Commandos Army

We are ready to work with any faction and support it in any battle provided that this faction follows the Free  Syrian Army and does not implement any other agenda or has to do with the regime..

We are  also ready to work with any faction of FSA under a joint operations room, especially the factions that are working for the liberation of the East “Deir EzZor”. In the end, We are following the Free Army and ready to cooperate with all the factions, especially the Eastern Lions Army.

Abu Jarrah Director of the Media Office of the Revolutionary Commandos Army

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