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الشرق السوري | New decisions imposed by ISIS organization on Internet users الشرق السوري

New decisions imposed by ISIS organization on Internet users


Under the policy of suffocating civilians in the eastern countryside of Deir EzZor, practiced by ISS through the closure of siege on them, the  terrorist organization added a new decision  in narrowing on the means of communication and monitoring it… Where it  is most prominent , the Internet is the only means and the only window that the people of Deir EzZor look out of their areas and communicate with the outside world … The organization initiated a series of decisions to restrict the use of the Internet, by preventing the acquisition of any skynet device in any place, except through a license, which was limited to specific Net Galleries were granted work permits and are subjected to the control of the organization through the raids of the halls and the search of subscribers and access to their mobile phones and devices and hear their contacts messages almost daily.  Also they continued these actions by forcing the owners of the Internet galleries to divide the hall into small rooms for each participant similar to the phone booth so it gets easier to raid and search the subscriber suddenly … Above that, they forced the owners of the halls to raise the hourly price of the Internet from 200 to 500 pounds in a move to make the participant unable to enter for a long time if this price is large compared to the income of the individual and thus reduce the ability of the citizen to contact …… Almost no day passes by without the so called “security raids” of ISIS officers to those Net Galleries whose number is estimated as follows

Al Mayadin city 6

AL Ashara 3

Shuwaite 3

AL Duwayr 2

AL Quriyah 2

Mahkan 2

Abu Kamal 7

Furthermore, the organization, through its security staff, closed all women’s halls under the pretext of giving information about the organization through women

Also closed all the  Net galleries in rural Abu Kamal (men and women)


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